I'm Shaun, a 22 year old senior Computer Science student at the University of Minnesota. I'm particularly fond of C as that's where I cut my teeth in programming, but I've found lots of fun in writing OCaml too. (Perhaps this is my calling to learn Rust?)

If you're a prospective employer, check out my resume!

Of all the subfields in CS, I love the more low-level stuff like memory access optimization, and reverse engineering. It's no wonder that I loved CSCI 2021 Machine Architecture so much! I might end up writing a blog post or two walking thru either the infamous Bomb Lab or efficient memory access methods for matrices sometime, so stay tuned!

Another subfield of CS that I'm particularly passionate about is cryptography, although I have to admit that I haven't been keeping up with what's going on in cryptography lately. (Thanks, you insufferable oafs!)

Outside of purely academic stuff, I'm the Systems Administrator (UPDATE: I'm the Website Manager now!) for UMN's ACM Student Chapter. Sysadmin'ing for a rag-tag CS club is really fun, as everything is a bit of a dumpster fire! (There's IPs owned by the club that respond to pings that aren't accounted for - yet.)

Outside of CS, I'm a huge audio nerd! I'm the Studio Engineer at Radio K, and I'm a DJ there too! An awkward CS student in the booth cracking terrible jokes and playing everything from hot garbage to GOAT tracks seems odd, but it's more common than you think!

I'm also a regular volunteer at Free Geek Twin Cities. I truly believe in the cause that Free Geek Twin Cities champions, and the personnel there are extremely friendly and approchable.

Outside of all that stuff, I'm just a guy who likes:

  • Retro computers, from mid-90s 486s to Sun workstations
  • Anything and everything about space
  • Music, from 80s thrash metal to chiptune

I think that's all about what I have to say about myself, really. It's really, really difficult to write about, well, yourself, since there's only one perspective talking. If you think any of this is exciting, do check back for new posts!

Till next time,